Homegrown: In conclusion

Around noon on Sunday, I decided it was a good time to stop talking about Homegrown Music Festival. At least for a few months. Was fun had? Check. Did I manage to stick it out through Manheat — the final band on Saturday night at Pizza Luce? Emphatic and pleasantly surprised check. [I’d say they were the best band that I’d never seen before, and not just because they covered a Replacements song.]

But, like a wise man said: "The days after Homegrown are kind of like the days after Christmas."
And to still talking about it feels like playing "Jingle Bells" on Dec. 27th.

Some of my personal highlights included the Music Video Festival, Fred Tyson at the Main Club, Father Hennepin at RT Quinlan’s, Equal Xchange …

But the list of things I missed gets longer and longer, everytime I run into someone new who also enjoyed the 8-day music festival. Things like:

I’ve heard more than one person say that Coyote’s show was the highlight;
The annual kickball game segued into a house party where Retribution Gospel Choir played;
Greg Cougar Conley covered Billy Joel at Pizza Luce on Saturday afternoon;
The Keep Aways with a guest appearance from Cory "Hotrod" Ahlm singing vintage Bone Appetit.

Luckily, much of what I missed, I followed on Twitter, where friends and acquaintances were regularly updating who was playing where and for how many people. It was a lot like reading a book that is based on the movie. I got just enough of the gist to wish I would have seen everything.

So, until next year. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for more, photos are still being uploaded at flickr.com. Just search for "Homegrown 2009" for the visuals.