Dink Tank: Funny Business

Dink Tank’s A Special Holiday Special. Photo by Bob King.

The Dink Tank crew allowed me to be an embedded journalist while they were still ironing out the funnies of the holiday show "A Special Holiday Special." We were in a stark, brightly lit room a few floors above the stage, about two weeks before they opened. I tried to be quiet, but when — during one of the skits — Jody Kujawa attacked Nathan Carlblom with the sort of hip movements that would cost crazy cash at the Norshore Experience, I began silently convulsing and spilling hot tears of hilarity.

These people are fricking funny.

I went to Thursday’s opening of the show. What was showing promise in that little room definitely came to fruition. Renegade Theatre’s artistic director Katy Helbacka is a hilarious character actor, moving seamlessly from Paula Dean to Christmas’s biggest fan. Jody Kujawa is insanely funny, whether he is simulating motor-boating or screaming and stammering and sputtering. It doesn’t even matter what Evan Kelly says, as long as he is using his old lady voice or an Austrian accent. 

The show, which runs close to two hours with an intermission, is broken up by videos: Helbacka as Dennis Anderson and a series called "I Won’t Be Home For Christmas."

There is also an extended commercial encouraging people to move to Piedmont that is really well done. The opening and closing dance numbers tie everything together. I worried that I gave away too much when I previewed Dink Tank for the Wave, but really, I barely scratched the surface.

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  1. I saw Dink Tank on Saturday night, as well as the one in June, and I can honestly say that I have NEVER seen better comedy in the area. It made me laugh until I cried! The opening skit was by far my favorite, followed closely by “Brain F*#%er!!” and the one about the basketball team. These are some very talented actors and writers. Go see it!!

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