Roe Family Singers: I heard what you saw

From left: Adam Wirtzfeld (on the musical saw, with a spare musical saw), Kim Roe, Quillan Roe played the Brewhouse on Saturday night.

I caught a bit of the Roe Family Singers on Saturday night at the Brewhouse, where I had stopped to meet friends and spread the cheer that is the Wildfire beer — a pint of habanero-flavored greatness. [I like a beer that comes with a warning and a skeptical look from the waitress: "Have you tried the Wildfire before?" It’s not for everyone.]

The Roe Family Singers, a folk, bluegrass, old-time music band from someplace called Kirkwood Hollow, Minn., are a husband-wife duo who favor Cash and Carter and have a full bag of tricks: auto harp, washboard, banjo … Adam Wirtzfeld joined them on Saturday, playing the best trick of all: The musical saw.

Me? I’m a big fan of the musical saw, both in concept and practice. Wirtzfeld moved a bow along the saw, bending it to get different sounds. The whole thing sounded very haunted, specifically ghostly. I wouldn’t mind someone following me around with a musical saw, playing the soundtrack to my life. My friends? They wanted less musical saw and more husband-wife duo. The saw wore thin for them after just a few songs.

I like to think that when Wirtzfeld likes to really crank things up and get wild, he plays the electric saw. Anyway, it was a good show.