On DECC: Chicken Italian bratwurst

The Chicken Italian Bratwurst is the single-greatest concession stand food offered at the DECC. In fact, the only concession stand food that tops this is the Taco in a Bag, which is sold at Ralph Engelstad Arena in Grand Forks, N.D., and totally worth the trip.

During the college hockey season, no trip to the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center is complete without a chicken Italian bratwurst from the concession stand. This is my personal favorite from the "roller dog" food group — which is any version of a hot dog that spends time under a heat lamp while being rotated on mini rollers to create even tanning.

I like mine with onions, mustard and relish, but if you’re a ketchup person, I’m sure that works, too.

It’s got a bit of zip, the chicken Italian brat. The only possible upgrade would be if it spat cheese on impact with my teeth.

On Friday, my chicken Italian bratwurst was a little thick-skinned and messy and I left the experience with mustard stains on my palms. Still, worth it. Also, at $4.50, this is one of the more expensive items on the menu, so maybe save it for just those special trips to the DECC.

This is, however, only the second-best hot dog based food in Duluth. The winner is from Crabby Bill’s, a beached boat-shaped concession stand in Canal Park that offers the option of horseradish that really singes the perimeter of your tongue. I could totally go for one right now.