Among the Cloud Cult cult

This photo is a good representation of why I’m not allowed within 15 feet of the photo department at the DNT. I disregard clear and sharp in favor of a more Monet style of blurred art. If you want to see a good shot, go here.

I’m afraid that I can’t be one of those people who says: "Oh, Cloud Cult? Psh. I liked them when they were playing Duluth Central graduation parties." No, I’m late. But better late than never. And to be honest, in reading about Cloud Cult over the years, I liked them as a concept long before I ever wrapped myself in headphones and gave a good listen.

Friday’s show in Mitchell Auditorium at St. Scholastica made me absolutely weepy. I had goose bumps for 45 minutes which is a new record. All that painting, and video and violins and cellos and the way Craig Minowa scrunches himself, had one completely bare foot, and uses this claw gesture to punctuate verses.

The opening bands were fun: Night in the Box [listen to "The Hustle"] and Now, Now Every Children, whose singer gave me flashbacks to 1993 in a good way.


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