Weekend Arts and Entertainment roundup

Ryan Tischer's 6-plus foot printer is located in the couple's dining room. Bob King/rking@duluthnews.com

Ryan Tischer’s 6-plus foot printer is located in the couple’s dining room. Bob King/rking@duluthnews.com

Saturday’s Home section featured Ryan and Aimee Tischer, photographer and singer-songwriter, respectively, who have turned their home in Smithville into a place where they can live and work. This means a giant printer in the dining room and a makeshift music venue in the living room.

Lawrence Bernabo reviewed the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra’s concert+”Wizard of Oz.” He gives it cheeky treatment.

John Myers covered the organ fundraiser at Sacred Heart Music Center. Spoiler alert: The walls shook.

Here’s Creger’s story about Cheryl Diaz Meyer, a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer who will speak as part of a fundraiser for victims of the Nepal earthquake at 5 p.m. Saturday at the Coppertop Church.

Today’s Arts and Entertainment roundup

Sheryl Jensen takes a looksee at the University of Minnesota Duluth’s production of “Spoon River,” which she described as “crisp” and said it “flies by with a mix of comedy, pathos, music and dance.”

Lawrance Bernabo reviews “Gruesome Playground Injuries,” digs the performers in the two-actor show and said it is a story in which Nirvana’s “Lithium” is a love song.

“Enough said,” according to Bernabo.

Bonus footage:

Sam Cook’s column on a wedding reception will magically make water fall from your face.

And here’s the word for those hoping to make super-great photos of fall leaves from the Weekend section. Tips from the pros.

This week’s Arts and Entertainment roundup


Dang. This is a pretty good edition if I do say so myself. It’s just … meaty.

This week’s A&E section includes an interview with Krist Novoselic, former Nirvana bass player and current political reformer. He will be in town Friday for a ranked choice voting event at Greysolon Ballroom.

Tony Bennett reviewed Golden Void’s “Berkana,” and says it’s more about Isaiah Mitchell’s songs than shreds — and “he acquits himself well in this department.”

The Duluth Art Institute kicks off a yearlong series on design in Duluth. First up: Defeating Duluth’s Inferiority Complex at 5:30 p.m. today at Cirrus Aircraft.

Best Bets include: Machine Gun Kelly, “Gruesome Playground Injuries,” the DSSO, Matinee Musicale, “Spoon River” and a horror movie film festival.

Here is my column about *finally* paying off the last $14 of my student loan.

A&E notes include: Local rockers playing alongside the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra, a benefit for the organ at Sacred Heart Music Center and a visit from the Guthrie’s new theater director.

Jeffrey Hatcher’s musical “Glensheen” opens Saturday at the History Theatre in St. Paul. “Marjorie and Roger are real people, but they are super, ridiculously bad people, bigger in real life,” according to the playwright.


This week’s Arts and Entertainment roundup

Today’s A&E section features Andy Erikson, a Ham Lake, Minn.-native who made it into the finals of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” and is now part of the tour that plays Sunday at the DECC. In it, she talks about the time Roseanne Barr told her she had an annoying voice.

Also, a related #tbt, one time Erikson won a comedy contest at Dubh Linn Irish Pub.

Best Bets include: “Last Comic Standing Live,” Rose Ensemble, Hippo Campus, an art show at Lizzards, William Bastian, and theater in Cloquet.

Music reviewer Tony Bennett looks at the new Fontanelles’ album and says it’s awesome.

A&E Notes include: Big Smo, Thunder Film Fest and a barbershop variety show.

Weekend Arts and Entertainment roundup

The 27th annual Bayfront Blues Festival closed Sunday with a few young musicians in the mid-afternoon mix. On Friday, Minneapolis musician Daina De Prez had the understatement of the day: “They liked it, I think.”

Tony Bennett reviewed three days of Bayfront Blues Festival. On harmonica master Charlie Musselwhite (“He made it cry like he was running it through a wah pedal …”), NRBQ (“small-for-Bluesfest-crowd … proceeded to bewilder a good chunk of them.”), Fattenin’ Frogs, Robert “One Man” Johnson, The Kinsey Report (“feast-or-famine as ever with its lineup on Saturday afternoon.”) and Friday’s Mud Morganfield show (“it was hard not to get wrapped up in just how much Mud was channeling Muddy.”)

And in non-Bluesfest news: Duluth-raised actor Daniel Durant is headed to Broadway. Sunday’s Pursuits section included a story about sculptor Boyd Christensen’s latest project.


Today’s Arts and Entertainment roundup

Lisa Lisa Haley0806

This week’s A&E section is hyper-Bluesfest. We have a story on a super colorful fiddle player, whose band Lisa Haley & the Zydekats plays Sunday on the main stage.

Also: The Fattenin’ Frogs built a band around their influences’ influences.

Music reviewer Tony Bennett looks at remastered Zeppelin.

In Violet Days, Chris Monroe considers her song: “Christine’s Tune.”

Best Bets include Bluesfest, “Eastland,” an art show, a movie and beer-sipping, music listenin’ and otter watchin’.

A&E Notes include a tryout for the Duluth  Playhouse’s Theater for Young Audiences and extras wanted  for a movie near Bayfield.

Today’s Arts & Entertainment roundup

0730 Drew BaldridgeH

This week’s A&E section includes a story on one of the headliners for this week’s Howling Moon Festival at Bayfront Festival Park. Drew Baldridge is an up-n-comer in the country music scene. This also includes brief bios on the other players, and the lineup for Saturday’s City on the Hill Music Festival.

 Best Bets include: Avenue Q, two music festivals, the finale for Lake Superior Chamber Orchestra and more.

Here is a v. silly column about buying a birthday cake — AND MORE!

Music reviewer Tony Bennett gives two EPs a looksee: Rob Nelson’s “Crystal System” and Lay Low and Bender’s “Ender.”

Today’s Arts and Entertainment roundup

Here’s a bunch of A&E-friendly stuff (that I didn’t write at all):

Folk singer Ben Weaver is riding his bike around Lake Superior — and making stops to play along the way. Here’s the story.

Lawrance Bernabo reviewed the Lake Superior Chamber Orchestra concert — and there were puppets.

Here’s the deets on All Pints North, a Bayfront-based brewfest.

Doods. Are you doing this? It’s a good way to get a curated batch of local headlines in your inbox Monday through Friday. It’s a good time.

Today’s Arts and Entertainment roudup

Today’s A&E section includes:

A look at some of the top picks from the Free Range Film Festival.

The previously mentioned column on Pyrex.

Music reviewer Tony Bennett is into the surprise new Wilco.

Best Bets include: a film fest, Garrison Keillor at Big Top, a chamber orchestra, free rock ‘n’ roll and more.

Also: Brady Slater wrote about the premiere of a piece of music by an Iranian composer that was commissioned by the Lake Superior Chamber Orchestra.

Today’s Arts and Entertainment roundup

We have a date: The First Folio will be in Duluth Oct. 3-26 2016, the University of Minnesota Duluth announced on Thursday. This month-long Shakespeare fest is expected to include all sorts of events with themed art and historical context.

Here is Lawrance Bernabo’s review of “Guys & Dolls,” which opened at the Playhouse on Thursday.

(Those looking for a “Titanic” review will have to wait until Saturday’s News Tribune.)